FastStone MaxView


Quietly watch your photo gallery in your computer


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Are you searching for a tool which let you watch all your pictures one by one in your computer? If yes, you have arrived to the correct page, because FastStone MaxView is a full featured image viewer which is really easy to use, without useless options which only give you problems.

When you run FastStone MaxView you realize you are in front of a program where the user is the most important, because everything is develloped and placed to make you feel the best user, as if you had used the program for years.

You will be able to see all your pictures just clicking them, or maybe you can choose several ones or a full folder and see them one by one with more than 150 transition effects.

If you feel creative, you can add music to your composition to create a perfect video with your photos. If you think it will be hard to use, you are wrong, try drag&drop the music, photos, effects, and everything you need.

Show your photos to your friends as never before.
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